Canadian Lawyer

Scarlett Johansson sad

NYTimes editorial portraits

cold shoulder

VW Porsche People

Focus People

Ocasio Cortez

Martin Schultz

Klaus Nomi

NYTimes editorial portraits

Nana Avatar

Old Meme Guy

Lea Seydoux 2

Claudia Roth

Elon Musk 1

Billy Eilish


Kendrick Lamar

Ice Cube

Greta – emoji Style

911 girl


Keanu Reeves – John Wick

Philip K Dick

Client: The New Yorker Magazine, USA


Janella for Arigat Magazine

Hunters for Field and Stream

Eric Garner

Bezos – Bozoz Clown Mashup

Cute Hipster Girl with Glasses

Big Boy

Client: Atlanta Magazine, USA

Ice T


Frau Merkel

Florence Colgate

FDP Poster Test

nerdy Romance

just Heads for Atlantic Monthly

Amanda Seyfried Cover

Alice Weidel

Michael Fassbender

Ella Pasta – Cover

Readers Digest – emoji style Heads

St. Vincent

Blondie – dark disco Debbi Harry

french model

Former Pakistani dictator Musharraf

Michael Moore

Lea Seydoux dark

Daft Punk

good boy

german Christian

Christine Lagarde

Cat Woman – Michelle Pfeiffer


Tiger hugging



Cassie Randolph in the Rain – The Bachelor

David Bowie ugly

Brie Larson thinking

People for Bloomberg

Otto von Bismarck

extreme colors test

Ms. Snider

Russel Brand

Sad Actress

black actress

Bibi Netanyahu

Bekah Martinez from The Bachelor

French Actress

Barron Trump

Flower Cover Girl


polish boy

Golf Girl

Welcome to China

The Terminator 1 – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Andy Warhol with silver wig

Alia Shawkat

Asian Business Man – Cover

mad Man pink


old Lady



Nicolas Cage sad – Nagel Style

Napoleon Dynamite – the other guy

nanu Nana

Napoleon Dynamite

Miley Cyrus – trippy disco

Madonna young – Nagel Style

Karl Lagerfeld

Prince George of Cambridge

Terry Richardson Portrait – Uncle Terry


Dana Scully dark and mysterious Gillian Anderson

Shalom Harlow

Terrorist suspect

Sandra Bernhard LA

RT small portraits



a Editor

Aubrey Plaza emoji style

playful woman answers questions about sex

static Jesus